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For a complete list of current classes and class times, take a look at our online schedule.

Aerial Classes

Intro To Aerial Fabric

If you’ve ever wanted to try aerial fabric and didn’t know where to start, this is the class for you! Come be introduced into the world of flying on aerial fabric. You will learn all the basic skills needed to be strong and confident on aerial silks and aerial hammock. An aerial silk is a piece of fabric knotted in the middle from a mount on the ceiling and flowing down to the ground in two pieces of fabric. An aerial hammock is a piece of fabric 6 feet wide and up to 15 feet in length that is folded in half to create a loop and suspended from the ceiling. This class is ideal for first timers, and also students who are still familiarizing themselves with aerial silks and being comfortable at greater heights.

Intro to Lyra

This is the perfect class to introduce you to the beautiful world of lyra! A lyra is a large metal hoop suspended in the air. In this class, not only will you learn the foundational skills for spinning, inverting, and posing on the lyra, you will also increase your strength, body awareness, and confidence.

Multi Apparatus Essentials

This all levels class allows you to build familiarity and gain experience across multiple aerial apparatuses. You will learn important movement pathways, good safety habits, and understand and appreciate the similarities and differences across each apparatus. There is also an emphasis on conditioning in this class that will allow you to find strength and confidence up in the air.

Silks Essentials

In this all levels class, you will build control and familiarity with the foundational moves of aerial silks, working to improve your comfort with being up high and upside down. This all levels class will teach you the strength and confidence that will enable you to perform more advanced moves and combos. There is an emphasis on proper technique and building a strong base for you to grow your aerial journey upon! We recommend this class for students who can already confidently climb and foot-lock on the silks.

Silks Tricks & Transitions

In this intermediate/advanced silks class, you will work on a wide range of tricks, from big dynamic moves to gravity defying poses, and everything in between. Progressions are given for every skill, and no matter your level, you are guaranteed to be challenged. We recommend this class for students who can already confidently climb and complete a foot lock, hip key, and straddle inversion in the air on the silks. 

Hammock Essentials

This all levels hammock class will help you work on gaining control and familiarity with your hammock foundations. Progressions to match your level will always be given, and you will build the strength, technique, and hammock vocabulary necessary to allow you to perform move advanced moves and sequences. 

Hammock Tricks & Transitions

This class is designed to take your existing aerial hammock skill set and challenge you to do just a little bit more. You will work on continuing to build strength, technique, and fluidity in your hammock foundations, while introducing new progressions that enable you to perform longer sequences and more complex tricks, transitions, and drops. We recommend this class for students who already have some experience and comfort on hammock.


Lyra Essentials

In this all levels lyra class, you will work on building increased fluidity and control over the foundational building blocks of hoop work. You will gain the strength and body awareness that will allow you to execute more advanced moves and combos. As your familiarity with the apparatus increases, you will be given progressions of each skill to challenge your current level.

Lyra Tricks & Transitions

This intermediate/advanced lyra class covers more complex tricks, transitions, and spins, with a focus on precise technique, use of momentum, and increased strength and flexibility conditioning. Learn to do sequences that keep you up in your hoop for longer periods of time, and build upon your lyra repertoire. We recommend this class for students who already confidently invert in and under the lyra.

Mini Lyra Essentials
If you’re ready to try out a new apparatus, give Mini Lyra a try! The mini lyra (also known as tiny hoop, or pocket lyra) is an extra small steel hoop with extra big potential, and learning to move and pose with this little baby will be a fun new addition to your aerial skill set. In this all levels class, you will work on learning to move in and around the small ring and ropes, exploring how the movements and techniques differ from conventional hoop. While many skills will overlap, there is plenty to explore that is unique to this tiny circle! Progressions of each skill will be given to appropriately challenge your current level. We recommend having at least a couple classes of lyra experience before trying this class.

Mini Lyra Tricks & Transitions
This intermediate/advanced mini lyra class introduces more complex tricks, transitions, and spins to widen your mini lyra repertoire. We recommend students feel confident in their pullover entries into the hoop, have solid front balances and can transition from crucifix into straddleback in the hoop.

Static Trapeze

In this class you will learn to use the trapeze bar and ropes to create dynamic and graceful sequences of movements. A static trapeze is a bar hung via rope from two points on the ceiling. Develop strength and poise while you work on utilizing and controlling momentum doing beats, drops, rolls, and poses on the trapeze. This class is open to all levels and the skills taught will be tailored to the students present, with clear progressions provided for every step along the way.

Aerial Fabric
Mixed Apparatus
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