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Welcome to Inspiration Studios!

We strive to support and inspire a strong pole and aerial community by creating a safe, welcoming space dedicated to exploring movement and dance on the ground and in the air, with an emphasis on building connections, making progress, and having fun.



The friendships we create in the studio form the foundation of the fiercely compassionate Inspiration community. Working together, we learn from one another, going out of our way to ease each other's struggles and amplify each other's joys.


Progress (not perfection)

Learning dance and movement is a constant journey, and everyone's path will be different. We aim to cultivate each person's innate curiosity and abilities and to empower them to explore their body's potential in their own way, redefining what it means to succeed.



We seek to embrace the natural joy and freedom of movement, as we believe the best way to learn something is to have fun while doing it!

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