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Additional Classes


This flexibility class focuses on introducing you to safe and efficient techniques for improving your active and static flexibility. Class consists of solo and partner stretches designed to improve your splits, straddles, and backbends. All levels are welcome in this class, whether you’re just beginning on your flexibility journey, or you’ve been working on contorting yourself into pretzel shapes for a while. We encourage you to dress warm (we love back warmers!), and feel free to bring your favorite yoga blocks with you to class.

Floor Flow®

Floor Flow® is a movement experience that connects you to the beauty, fun, and benefits of floorwork.

Expect to learn easy-to-follow, fluid combinations that you can get lost in-- while simultaneously enhancing your mobility, control, musicality and expression. Slow down, sense more, then let it all out. Come learn how to transform the floor into your apparatus.

Dessert Night

Welcome to Dessert Night, our sweetest (unsavory) night of the month! This dance class focuses on exploring sensual movement in the hips and waist, combining influences from twerk, wine, and hip-hop. You'll learn all sorts of high energy and slinky hip movement, then put them to use in a fun choreography sequence. Bring your best self, a fierce appetite, and come play with us!

Friday Foreplay

Friday Foreplay is the night of each month you will look forward to! Step into a new comfort zone, gain confidence in your own sexy, and have a blast cheering on everyone in class with you. We start with a sexy warmup, strutting and slinking across the floor, learn a short fun choreography sequence, and end with time to explore your newfound sexy self. You are encouraged to wear whatever makes you feel your best, whether it be fancy lingerie or comfy pajama pants. Sexy is for everyone, come join us!

Open Studio

Open Studio time to continue working on everything you’ve learned in class!

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