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Pole Classes

Intro to Pole

If you've never taken a pole dance class before but are eager (and maybe a little nervous) to learn, our Intro to Pole is the best way to be introduced into the world of pole dance! In this class you will learn all the movements needed to begin building a strong foundation for your pole dance journey. 

Start Up Pole

Start Up Pole is designed to strengthen your pole foundations and start increasing your pole movement vocabulary. You will learn to climb, twirl, and invert through detailed breakdowns that give you the confidence to start finding your own pole style. Join us and come discover the amazing things your body can be capable of! This class is mixed level, but geared towards beginners.

Essential Pole

In this class, you will work on having increased fluidity and control over the foundational building blocks of pole, gaining the strength and body awareness that will allow you to execute more advanced moves and combos. This class is intended for all levels; even the most advanced pole dancers will benefit from focusing on polishing their pole repertoire and training both sides to become more well-rounded pole dancers. Come join us to build a stronger base to grow your pole dance journey on!

Power Pole

This is a trick based class with a focus on precise technique and conditioning (disguised as creative movements), that will get you stronger before you realize it. No matter where you are in your pole journey, this class emphasizes progressions for every move and combo that will encourage you to push a little farther. All levels welcome, including beginners.

Total Pole

This all levels class explores all aspects of pole, covering floorwork, twirls, aerial pole tricks and transitions, and everything in between. We start each class with a comprehensive warmup, learn fun new combos on and off the pole, and end with the chance to put everything you learned together in a freestyle. Beginners welcome.

A.M. Pole

Our A.M. Pole class is the perfect way to start your day! This all levels class will grow your pole repertoire, helping you work on fun new tricks, transitions, and floorwork. Come learn things you didn’t realize you are capable of, and get through your Friday with a smile and an exciting workout. Soon you won’t know how to start your day without it!

Contemporary Pole

In this class, you will learn pole choreography that incorporates elements of contemporary, modern, and lyrical dance. Come learn how to harness the power of music and movement to tell a story and express emotion. Layers are highly recommended for this class (leggings, leg warmers, knee pads, socks, tee-shirt, etc). We recommend having at least a couple classes worth of pole experience before attending this class.


Pole Dance

This class explores pole dance in all forms. You will learn choreography that incorporates pole combos, dance technique, and beautiful transitions. Dance styles will range from old school pole sexy, to contemporary, and hip hop! We will help you combine your personal style and strengths with the choreography to optimize your unique movement quality. We recommend wearing knee pads and leg warmers for this class. We recommend having at least a couple classes worth of pole experience before attending this class.

Down & Dirty

The sexiest hours of the week, you will learn pole choreography ranging from slow and sensual to fast-paced booty shaking. Discover all the different types of sexy in this class, and let your inner sexy out to play! Your favorite heels and knee pads are highly recommended for this all levels class. We recommend having at least a couple classes worth of pole experience before attending this class.

Spin Pole

Pull the pins and come spin with us! During each class we start by working on spin pole fundamentals, then move onto a combo that takes you up the pole and challenges your current skill set. We recommend this class for students who already have a good grasp of climbing and inverting on a static pole.


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