Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before taking my first class?
Please show up 10 minutes early, and allow yourself plenty of time to find our location! It can be a little tricky the first time - directions are found here. Whether you come alone or bring a friend, and get ready to have a great time!

I’m new to pole, which class should I take?
Our Intro to Pole class is the best option for anyone who has never done pole before! Alternatively, Start Up Pole is our mixed level class that’s geared towards beginners and would also be a great place to start. Beginners are also welcome in Essential Pole, Power Pole, Total Pole, and A.M. Pole. No matter what style of pole you’re interested in exploring, we have a class for you! Please do not wear any lotion on your hands and legs the day of your first pole class, or you are likely to be sliding off the pole!

I’m new to aerial, which class should I take?
If you’re just getting started in aerial, we have Intro to Aerial Fabrics and Intro to Lyra. Intro to Aerial Fabrics will get you started on aerial silks and hammock, and Intro to Lyra will teach you the foundations of aerial hoop. Essential Aerial Fabric and Aerial Dance are also great classes to get you started on your aerial journey.

How do I sign up for class?
You can sign up for class ahead of time on our website via the Schedule page. We do not require advance sign ups, but know that some of our classes tend to fill up ahead of time, so signing up early is a good idea!

What should I wear to class?
For pole, please bring your shortest shorts and a tank top, and optionally, any additional comfortable clothing you can move in for warmup.
For aerial, please wear form-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement and covers the backs of the knees and the torso. We also recommend bringing layers that cover the back and underarms, as well as ankle protection (such as leg warmers or tall socks). We require there be no zippers or buttons on your clothing, and that you please remove all jewelry before class.
For flexibility, please wear yoga appropriate attire.

Do I need to be in shape to come to class?
No! The best way to get ready for class is to come to class! Pole and aerial are for people of all fitness levels, shapes, and sizes. Regardless of your current fitness level, our instructors are excellent at breaking moves down so that class is accessible for everyone.

Do I need to have a gymnastics or dance background to come to class?
No. A background in dance or gymnastics is not required for pole or aerial work. Some of the most talented polers and aerialists started their journeys having zero prior training in dance and gymnastics. Coming to class will teach you everything you need to know to work up to the level where people might start to assume that you must have had a dance/gymnastics background too!

Do you limit class sizes?
We limit our class sizes so that we can ensure all our students get an adequate amount of time on the apparatus. Different classes will have different class size limits, depending the apparatus being used.

Is there a place to change at the studio?
Each studio has a private bathroom that students can use.

Do I need shoes? What shoes should I wear?
Shoes are not required for any of our classes. All our aerial classes are conducted barefoot. Some of our pole classes encourage wearing heels (see the Class Descriptions to find out which ones), but shoes are always optional. We have heels you can borrow if you are unsure and would like to try them out.

Is there parking?
Yes! There is plenty of free parking available right in front of the studio doors.

Can my kids attend class with me?
Yes, with parental permission and prior studio approval. Please email if you would like your child to attend class. We require a minimum age of 12 for work on the high silks.

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